1:1 Initiative


In 2012, the Harlan Community School District made the decision to implement a 1:1 environment. This decision stemed from the work of our 21st century committee and their focus on 'what does a 21st century student in the HCSD look like'? A key focus of this 21st century committee was to research the advantages, disadvantages or opportunities that come from having more technology in classrooms across the district. There are many questions that were asked and answered in terms of what our next steps should be in the technology arena and we felt as though the implementation of this 1:1 initiative would add significant educational value for the students and staff of our school district.

HCSD 1:1 Mobile Computing Program Presentation:
Please click HERE to view the 1:1 Mobile Computing Program Presentation.
Please note that the video is fairly large, so you may need to start the video and then pause it to let it buffer for a period of time before attempting to watch it. If you do not allow the video to buffer, the video may pause frequently. The video runs approximately 35 minutes.

HCSD 1:1 Mobile Computing Handbook:
Please click HERE to download the 1:1 Mobile Computing Handbook.

HCSD 1:1 Mobile Computing Responsibilities Forms:
This is the form that must be signed by both the student and a parent or guardian in order to receive your 1:1 computing device.
Please click HERE to download the 1:1 Mobile Computing Responsibilities form.

HCSD Learning Management System:
A significant component to the Harlan Community School District 1:1 Initiative is the implementation of the Haiku Learning Management System.
Please click HERE to view a video on what the Haiku Learning Management System is and how it will be used by teachers, students and parents at HCSD.